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Client Reviews

Abi Paulsen was the absolute best real estate agent we could have ever chosen to sell our home! She's professional, experienced, knowledgeable and has a very engaging personality. Abi was recommended to us by a friend. Thank you, friend. Through our experience with Abi I, too, can now attest to her tenacity, honesty, practicality and integrity and wholeheartedly recommend her services.


Abi is amazing! My wife and I liked her from the moment we met her and we knew we wanted to work with her by the end of our first meeting. She went above and beyond with several items, like cleaning up after the repair guy finished and painting the house number board because it was missed. She explained things very clearly when I didn’t understand something. This is the first time I had sold a house so I had no idea what was supposed to happen or in what order; Abi cleared it all up and everything went very smoothly. Thanks so much Abi!


We worked with Abi to sell our mom's house when we needed to relocate her out of state. Since we were all out of state during the sale, Abi went above and beyond by helping us find and coordinate contractors to get the house ready for sale. She gave us great guidance on when the house should hit the market and competitive pricing ideas and was with us every step of the way. She's very easy to reach, very proactive, and she was very much an advocate through the entire process and beyond. Her partnership was extraordinary. We literally couldn't have pulled that move off without her. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Abi was always available to answer our questions about any concerns. If I call her and she was not able to answer my call at the time, I can be sure that she would return my call before the end of the day. She worked very hard on our behalf.


It was rather a nerve racking experience week to week. Close Friday, delay, close next Friday, delay, etc etc. What I learned was buying a home from the govt is not a fun process. Our Realtor Agent Abi Paulsen was very professional, honest, and ethical and guided us through all the issues and kept us well informed until our closing. We highly recommend Abi.


Abi is very professional and polite. She will answer all your questions truthfully and explain things to you in the simplest way if needs be. She made it happened for us, even when there was a lot of set backs she went full hundred on our behalf.


Abi was extremely helpful and professional. I would highly recommend her service.


I appreciate Abi's effort in helping me find a home during COVID. It has been a very interesting but fun experience. The whole process felt relatively easy. Abi understood my needs, answered all my questions (no matter the time). She was flexible with my schedule and explained the entire home-buying process. She went above and beyond! I highly recommend her for your next home.


I have been working professionally with Abigail Paulson for years. It would NOT BE an exaggeration to say you will find her an amazing human being: most kind, helpful beyond belief while highly professional. Besides she is brilliant in problem solving of any kind far beyond what would be considered “helpful”. An example would be helping me on the West Coast find a garage space for one of my tenants on the East Coast. I could go on and on but I won’t here. But I’d be happy to speak with you if she asks me to.

Cy R.




The Home Buying Process

Before You Buy

Preparation is key when purchasing a property. From down payments and mortgage prequalification to understanding the type of home that will meet your needs and satisfy your wants, I can make sure your financial ducks are in a row and your expectations are grounded in reality when preparing to buy.

The Search

Selecting your perfect home will require research, expert guidance and knowledge of the local market, and you'll need to consider what it is you're looking for. I can help you find the place that fits your taste, your budget, and your lifestyle. I'm a home hunter's best friend.

Making the Purchase

So, you've found the perfect home that meets all your criteria, from a great location to just the right square footage. As your trusted agent, I will guide you through the logistical — and emotional — challenges of the purchase process, to ensure you are in a solid position before you sign on the dotted line.

Find Out What You Can Afford

Click the button below to access a helpful loan calculator — just the tool you need to get a general idea of your home search budget. When the time is right, I can connect you with a trusted lender to begin the preapproval process — a critical first step toward making a smart, solid offer on your dream home.

Get an Instant Estimate on Your Home*

Learn your home’s value so you can tackle the real estate market with confidence.

*This is an estimate only and is not an appraisal. The CB Estimate provides an estimated market value of your home generated by a proprietary algorithm using aggregated data collected from third parties and public records and is intended to provide you with a general value of the property. The actual appraised value of any property may be higher or lower than the estimated market value provided by the CB Estimate.

Spotlight Marketing Program

Marketing Your Home
In today’s competitive real estate market, the key to success is differentiation – doing common things in an uncommon way. In fact, differentiation from the competition has become the cornerstone of outstanding real estate service.

I am proud to deliver exceptional property marketing that is designed to attract attention, showcase your property’s distinctive qualities and help your home sell quickly and for the best price.

Print Marketing

Our comprehensive plan includes professionally printed mailers, full-color property brochures and so much more. From concept to completion, your property will be uniquely cared for and expertly marketed.

Digital Marketing

Virtual marketing, the most strategic means of targeting buyers in this environment, gets results quickly and broadens our reach.

Unique Strategy

Our exclusive property spotlight marketing plan offers results that other brokerages simply can’t match – helping you net more on the sale of your house*.

*Based on Coldwell Banker property spotlight marketing plan usage data reported through May 31, 2020: On average, sellers whose agents use the plan benefit with a 1% higher sales price.

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